South Alicante summer league

Monday May 29th – San Miguel Moors v Vistabella Fairways

Tough away match, started well but faded at the end with only one winning rink Brian Gilham, Richard Willey & Martin Foulcer 22-6 plus a bonus draw by Keith Black, Carol Thorpe & Gary Thorpe 16 – 16. Scores total 83 – 81 to San Miguel (very close). 9points – 3points to San Miguel Moors.

VCL summer league

Wednesday May 31st – Vistabella Saxons v San Luis Falcons

Not an easy match against a very strong team. Resulting in only one winning rink our mixed fours Keith Black, Lynne Bishop, Gary Thorpe & Eric Bishop 19 – 13.

Resulting in total scores Vistabella Saxons 79pts – San Luis Falcons 91pts. Good win for San Luis 10pts – 2pts.

VCL summer league (rearranged match)

Friday June 2nd – Greenlands giants v Vistabella Saxons

Very tough match all our rinks suffering with a loss. Well played Greenlands giants deserved your win. Scores 105pts – 72pts. Greenlands giants 12pts Vistabella Saxons 0pts.Back to the drawing board!

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