Titans started the week off at home against Vistabella Albatross but they slipped to a 3-7 defeat, an aggregate of 71 -73. Winners – D Jones S Elvin A M Gerrard 23-15, N Prior G Ponsford D Gerrard drew 16-16

Neptunes played at Vistabella Drivers and were beaten with an Aggregate of 64-72. J Mulloy S Johnson G Odell 16-11, M Ellis J Bright K Jolliffe 21-19

Moonrakers played at La Siesta Pioneers and they were beaten 0-10 Aggregate of 50-87

Wednesday saw the Isle play La Siesta in the Prem 20 Knockout and the home side won. P Coffey 21-12, R Marks S Marks 24-16, S Kavanagh E Morris S Elvin J Pooley 29-15. At La Siesta G Ponsford D Gerrard 20-13, A M Gerrard C Smyth J Smyth 18-11. EI will play El Cid in Semi Final

Cavaliers game was postponed

Claymores played at Vistabella Picadors and they lost 3-7 Aggregate of 61-77. Winners S Ellis B Smith K Soderlund 18-16, C Thomas B Eldred M Thomas got a 13-13 draw

Outlaws where at home to La Manga Crusaders and they had a good win 6-4, Aggregate of 84-60. Winners C Wilson G Wallis E Sheppard 36-15, R Adams G Inwood J Ball 22-9