On monday the Pintos were at Vistabella playing the Drivers, which is always a tough away venue. But the pintos came away with one rink and two of the losses were 1 and 3 shots, quite a good effort. Ann Abbott, Dolly Ford and Marion Haynes 14-17. Ria Dukker, Brian Harris and Bob Day 9-32. Lesley Day, Sheila Cox and Mike Cox 16-17. Sue Ziepe, Steve Ziepe and Judy Foley 10-29. Chris Ziepe, Dave Haynes and John Ziepe 14-12.

Today the Mustangs were at San Miguel against their Navajos, were we found it difficult to adjust to their new even slower mat, such a difference to our own, but we appreciate that we hav3e the advantage at home. San Miguel took full advantage of the home mat and gave us a bit of a pasting, taking all the points. But in the end the company was good and we enjoyed the run out Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at micksheilacox@gmail.com.