Monday and it’s another afternoon game this time at Quesada, not necessary our favourite time of the day but we are pleased this Monday.  The morning was damp and miserable, and the afternoon was beautiful.  The game was of mixed fortunes with Quesada winning 8-4.  Our winning trips were Barbara Foreshaw, Margaret MacLaughlin, & Peter Parsons 17-12 and Janet Parsons, Mike Stone & Barry Robert’s 19-11, overall shots 99-70 in their favour.

With one game to go a league table has been published we are 7th from 9 not a winning position but comfortably safe, we have 71 points the 2 teams below have 59 & 49 respectively the team above us have 73 so with one game to go we could improve our position but will avoid the bottom.

Dave Hadaway