La Marina Bowls Club by Dave Hadaway
La Marina Bowls Club by Dave Hadaway

Let’s be very British and start by saying “What do you think of the weather”?

We may be disappointed but what those touring teams that come over this time of the year for a spring break between their seasons.  We played one such team on Saturday and in the words of John (our Captain of the day):

“A Clacton team came all the way

From dear old Blighty, bowls to play

A friendly game was had by all, a close result as I recall

La Marina won the day, but Clacton had to play away.

Time soon flies for Clacton to depart

We wish them well with all our heart.

I have no doubt that friendly bowling is what’s it is all about.”

Monday was the 2nd week of our Summer League, and thankfully we had a bye and the Wednesday game was cancelled due to the weather, so no bowls this week.

The Leader has published the final league tables for the Winter Bowling, and we had the relativity good news that none of our teams are in a de-motional position, in fact the Pathfinders came second and should see promotion actual positions are.

South Alicante Southern League (Mondays) Discovery Division – Pathfinders came 2nd with 109 points and our Explorers 5th with 99 points.  In the Southern League (Fridays) the Sharks came 6th from 10 teams (without needing to re-arrange their final game) with 80 points in Division A, and the Seagulls came 7th from 10 in Division B with 74 points. Well done all and thank you very much for some exciting results.

Lastly is also AGM time and we have selected a new committee of willing souls.  Thank you all very much without you there is no club.

Our new officers are:  President Shirley Hadaway, Secretary, Trevor Hancock and Treasurer, Dave Joynes.  The rest of the committee will be posted in the clubhouse for you all to read.