Emerald Isle Bowls Club with Elwyn Morris 17 Oct 22
Emerald Isle Bowls Club with Elwyn Morris 17 Oct 22

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by Elwyn Morris

The Cavaliers played their postponed match on Sat at home against El Rancho Mustangs, and the away side took the spoils with a 9-5 victory, but EI took the aggregate 101-91, winners were C Parsons M Veale G Odell 30-3, C Thomas M Thomas C Lindgren drew 13-13 

Monday the Titans travelled to San Miguel Pulsars and got beaten 8-6 with aggregate of 106-107 winners were C Thomas J Pooley A M Stevenson 24-13, P Heaney S Johnson I Brewster 15-11, C Donnellan P Coffey D Birkett, 20-15

The Neptunes were at home to San Miguel Comets and had a good win by 10-4 aggregate 105-87, winners were D Horne S Watson J Loughran 26-8, A Brown P Creswell L Fisher 24-13, V Cameron M Petty E Bennett 21-12, R Adams A Malcolm M Breen 16-12

The afternoon game saw The Moonrakers played at home against Greenlands Sycamores where we had a good win 10-4, aggregate of 102-94, the winners were B Taylor E Brookes T Kelly 24-12, D Martin M Willicott R Ede 24-12, I Fay R Fooks F King 17-12, G Smith T Roche A Fay 15-11

Tuesday the Claymores played their postponed game at home to San Luis Tigers and got beaten 8-6 aggregate of 97 -116 winners were C Ayling C Warner J Mullarkey 36-6, V Cameron M Petty A Burns 16-13

Wed in the winter league the Emerald Isle entertained BBC at home and had a very good 8-4 win aggregate of 95-85 winners were P Heaney S Johnson D Birkett I Brewster 29-12, D Jones B Doran J Pooley C Lindgren 20-18, M Riley P Coffey M Veale M Stacey 18-17

The Leprechauns played at home on Thursday against Vistabella Vikings and won 5-3 aggregate of 51-48, winners were V Cameron M Willicott A Malcolm B Kavanagh 20-15, and there was a 16-16 draw by R Adams L Vincent F King P Willicott

Friday took the Cavaliers to Quesada Swallows, and the home side came out on top by12-2, aggregate of 88-107, winners were C Parsons M Veale G Odell 20-16

The Claymores also played at Quesada, and the home team won 8-6, aggregate of 112-114, winners were R Adams P Creswell E Bennett 23-19, V Cameron M Petty T Harris 21-17, L Burns D Rhodes A Burns 21-9

Friday also saw the Outlaws play La Siesta Blues, and got a fine 8-6 win aggregate of 122-106, winners were B Taylor A Gower A Fay 29-11,     T Roche R Fooks F King 20-17 and M Elliott L Bath R Ede 24-18