On Monday the Buckskins entertained La Siesta Hornets, played in good weather, positively hot once the clouds cleared. Though there were some score differences, most rinks were close in play, as often happens. But the Hornets went away with 4 rinks and the overall shots. But always remember that success on the rink at our age should be measured in smiles and jokes shared.

Brian Gilham, Pam Harris and Brian Harris 9-21. Janet Wright, Diane Yates and David Wright 14-15. Sheila Cox, Malc Sykes and Mike Cox 13-25. Sheila Millward, Ron Greenstreet and Jim Eastwood 12-30. David Baker, Peter Blackburn and Keith Longshaw 17-15.

Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at micksheilacox@gmail.com