Luckily for us bowlers, the predicted storms for Friday, never materialised.  Division A side Swallows, had a home match against near neighbours Greenlands Oaks.  Two rinks in the form of C Brazier, M France, J Prokopowycz 22-13 and B Trinder, S Hibberd, S Heath 22-13 won, in a match that finished 4 points to 6.

Swans travelled to Country Bowls, where they played La Marina Crusaders.  Winning on 3 rinks, they picked up a very handy 8 points in their quest for promotion.  D Benson, P Farrell, A Benson 22-10. S & D Barnes, T Voisey 36-8.  A Bowen, B Elliott, B Armstrong 20-12, were the successful trips.

Swifts weren’t in action, so their players could have a day indoors,

There was never any doubt that weather would play a part in matches on Monday, for the sun had his hat on for most of the day.  Pearls lost at home 4-6 to San Luis Klingons, but once again my crystal ball has failed me dramatically (just can’t get the staff!).

Meanwhile, over at Emerald Isles, Diamonds picked up their first points on the road.  A Bowen, B Elliott, P Farrell 18-14 plus S Heath, S Hibberd, J Pitt, were the 2 winning rinks in a 4-6 defeat against the Neptunes.

All in all, it was a bad day for our South Alicante league teams, for Rubies also lost their away match.  Country Bowls Seahawks were too strong for them, as they succumbed to a 2-8 reversal, but S Johnson, B & L Miller 23-17 did achieve their objective.