Division (A) The Blues home game was against El Rancho Mustangs which saw an excellent result on one rink won by; Ann & Robert Heath with Harold Charleton (28-7) with another we managed to get within one shot of the opponents, plus 2 points for the overall (Shots 67-62) lost 4-6.

Division (B) An afternoon away game for The Golds playing La Manga Crusaders, all games could have gone either way and finished level two rinks apiece, with the overall (Shots 62 -57) going to the Golds. Rink winners; Joe Kocsis, Joan & Mike Inns (18-13). Ken Stringfellow, Derek Barber & John Skipper (19-15).

Division (C) The Silvers could only field 3 teams and were hosted by Greenland’s Ash who found our team too strong, we ended up winning with a bit in hand on all three rinks. Result 8-2 (Shots 70-36). Winning rinks; Lesley & Wayne Howlett with Graham Doel (23-7). Maggie Gray, Jean & Dave Giddings (23-8). Dave Collins, June & David Whitworth (24-11).

Enterprise The Apollos were welcomed by Greenland’s Sycamores, which ended quite evenly with both teams winning two rinks each with the Apollos claiming 2 pts for the overall (Shots 75-67) result 6-4. Rinks won by; Ann & Robert Heath with Harold Charleton (30-10). Norman Adcroft, Ann & Jim Taylor (23-11).

Discovery The Pioneers played at home against Vistabella Drivers, a game which was changing from start to finish on all rinks and it was unfortunate we only managed to pick up one point from Skip Mike Inns team (14-14). Lost 1-9 (Shots 55-67).

Voyager An away game for The Sputniks playing Vistabella Eagles where two of our rinks played well in defeat, but got a comfortable win courtesy of; Dave Collins, June & David Whitworth to collect two points (22-9) Lost 2-8 (Shots 64-74).

Winter League La Siesta played host to The Emerald Isle knowing this would be a great game to win and gave the visitors a run for their money, winning one rink by; Dot Kocsis, Tracey Paffett, Jim Jarvie & Dave Blackie (23-19) and were unlucky on another which could have gone either way, when only losing by one shot on the final end. Lost 2-8 (Shots 64-88).

Interested in joining La Siesta Bowls Club call the President George 865772498 or the Captain Wendy 633068399 who will give you further information.