La Marina Bowls Club with Dave Hadaway
La Marina Bowls Club with Dave Hadaway

Monday 17th, the Enterprise league table showed our Pathfinders 3rd with 65 points from 11 games and our Explorers 4th with 60 points from 11 games.  Today Monday 24th they both played teams from the Emerald Isle, the Pathfinders at home to their Neptunes and had a good result winning 8-2 with a shot difference of 82-56. The Explorers had the same result away to the Moonrakers winning 8-2 with a shot difference of 82-65. A great result away from home.

Our top trips were Martha Reynolds, Dave McGaw and John Rae winning 24-12, and Trevor Stemp, Steve Sydell and Alex Morrice wining 25-11, and away from home Janet Parsons, Margaret MacLaughin and Cliff Rawlinson winning 26-16.

If we accept that both Friday teams are too low in their leagues to win, then our attention should focus on the Discovery Division where our 2 teams have a excellent chance of promotion, Country Bowls, Flamingos are top with a lead of 30 points and are red hot favourites to win, but the next 4 teams are in a real race for second place.

The league table reads Diamonds 67, Pathfinders 65, Explorers 60, and Drivers 57.  Their last results were 4 wins. Diamonds, Pathfinders and Explorers all won 8-2 and the Drivers won 10-0 making it even tighter.

What’s even more exciting is that this week Monday 31st the Drivers play the Pathfinders, and the Explorers play the Diamonds, and on Monday 7th Feb, Diamonds play the Pathfinders and the Explorers play the Drivers.  Leaving us with some exciting results to look out for.

Friday 28th January and what a beautiful day to watch and play bowls, I was watching the Seagulls at home against the Emerald Isle, and what dramatic finish.  We had won 1 and lost 2 and John Rae’s rink was 20-20 with 1 end to play and it was a tight measure for shot.

John had the last wood and decided not to play it as he favoured the measure.  The deciding woods were about 12 inches apart, and on the measure we scored by about a quarter of an inch – good call John – it gave us 2 wins each but unfortunately we lost the shot difference by 8 shots to lose the game 4-6 points.

Away from home the Sharks travelled to Greenlands to play their Oaks, and unfortunately came away with 0 points.  Although 2 trips only lost by 1 shot and another by 3 but what a difference those 5 shots made.  Just stressing that every end is important.