Just as we started to enjoy some pleasant, warm sunshine for bowling, that changed to low temperatures and strong, cold winds. This made playing very challenging, especially being bundled up in layers of clothes, and dodging chairs that were being blown around; watching the matches also became extremely uncomfortable.

South Alicante League, Enterprise Div. (A) Monday 16th January; Klingons were home, against top of the league; Emerald Isle Titans and had an excellent result on “Blue Monday” the shots 99-80, points 9-3. Well done to our winning teams: Neil & Sandra Burrows, Scott Malden 21-16, Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 22-11, Jane Hamill, John Smyth, Stewart Hamill 22-16, Kevin McKenna, Vic Mahomet, Neil Morrison 16-16.

Voyager Div. (C)Trekkers, later in the afternoon, had a good result away v Emerald Isle Moonrakers taking shots 93-77, points 8-4. Winners: Tricia Reilly, John Bagnall, Pat Reilly 21-12, Cas Blay, Dave Notley, Bob Bromley 23-9, Chris Jackson, Ngaio & Peter Baldwin 19-12.

Southern League (Div A) on Friday 20th Lions were away v Greenlands Oaks and had a very productive morning against a strong team, winning on 3 rinks and taking the shots 94-81, 8 points-4. Winners: Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 21-13, Kath Reid, Caroline Smyth, Ian Kenyon 24-9, Neil & Sandra Burrows, Scott Malden 20-13.

Southern League (Div C) the Tigers had an excellent result at home v Vistabella Conquistadors. After a cool start the sun appeared and it was back to business as usual on the green, as layers were gradually removed and gloves & hand warmers put away. The final result was 11points- 1, 87 shots-58. Well done to all our team members: Chris Jackson, Ngaio & Peter Baldwin 23-11, Kevin McKenna, Sheila Cammack, Vic Mahomet 20-13, Jane Hamill, Cas Blay, Stewart Hamill 11-11, Dave Notley, Terry Baylis, John Dowell 14-13, Ray Watmough, Dee Hoey, Bob Bromley 19-10.

If you want to find out more about San Luis BC, come along to Oasis SL, talk to members; we’re a friendly bunch! watch on Monday or Friday match days, or take part in the chicken drive on Saturdays (winter times now 10:00/10:30) or contact Club Captain June Jones for more information: keithjones81@hotmail.com