It’s been a challenging week; South Alicante League: Enterprise Div. Monday 29th Nov. Klingons were home v San Miguel Alsations, and once again the weather played a part; this time a strong, gusty wind that was moving chairs and blowing items off tables. Final result: shots 78-58, 8 points-2. Winners: Tricia Reilly, Vic Mahomet, Pat Reilly 26-9, June Jones, Bill Webb, Scott Malden 21-12, Margaret Morrison/Keith Jones, Pam Lockett, Neil Morrison 18-16.

Discovery Div. Trekkers, away v La Marina Explorers, had a tough match: 2 points-8, 49 shots-102. Winners: Ray Watmough, Chris Jackson, Steve Penfold 21-10.

Wednesday 1st Dec. our Winter League match was home v El Cid (good to see some familiar faces from the northern clubs still playing!) as expected some close fought matches, finishing 6 points-4, 69 shots-5. Winners: Chris Jackson, Dee Hoey, June & Keith Jones 17-14, Tricia Reilly, Terry Baylis, Lyndon Johnson, Pat Reilly 14-15, Jane Hamill, Sheila Cammack, Neil Morrison, Stewart Hamill 23-10.  Again we were grateful to players stepping in at short notice and once more everyone played their part & contributed to the result.

Southern League Div A. Saturday 27th Nov. the Lions played a rescheduled storm-affected match away v San Miguel Bulldogs, result: 4 points-6, shots 59-71. Winners: Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 18-17, Jane Hamill, Sheila Cammack, Stewart Hamill 20-16. Friday 3rd Dec.. Lions were away at Country Bowls v Geckos. The sky was blue, the sun was shining but more importantly & unfortunately, the wind was howling; making every end a lottery, affecting the run of the bowls & blowing equipment around.

Because of the possible risk of injury from flying objects we had to cut the match short; after completing the minimum 2/3 of ends allowed, finishing 8 points-2, 58 shots-32. Winners: Jane Hamill, Sheila Cammack, Stewart Hamill 23-0, Bill Webb, Pam Lockett, Scott Malden 14-6, Tricia Reilly, Vic Mahomet, Pat Reilly 12-9.

Div B. Tigers home v La Siesta Golds 2 points-8, 44 shots-85, unfortunately no team details available.

We look forward to welcoming new members (there’s a range of membership fees for 12, 7 or 3 Brexit months). You can come along & watch on match days, join in on a Saturday morning with the “Chicken Drive” or speak with Club Captain, June Jones 691903773, or email: for more information or to arrange coaching.