Emerald Isle Bowls Club
Emerald Isle Bowls Club

Monday took the Victors to play at Quesada Lancasters, and they lost 4-8, aggregate of 78-98, winners, S Kavanagh P Creswell B Kavanagh 21-11, R Adams S Watson M Breen 15-14

Vulcans played at home against Horadada Hawks and won 8-4, aggregate of 101-80, winners were C Thomas  M Willicott  D Jones  29-12, P Rhodes B Smith P Willicott  23-10, V Cameron C Smyth J Smyth  25-15

Wed the Dukes travelled to Quesada Lions in the VCL, and they slipped to a 2-10 aggregate of 53-97

Earls played at home and had a great 12-0 win with an aggregate of 99-64, winners were C Parsons 21-12 E Shepperd 21-16, M Riley J Mulloy 18-14, V Cameron I Hughes A Miles 16-13, M Brookes M Munro S Elvin E Brookes 23 -9, Dukes played at San Miguel Sheriffs on Friday and they got beaten 12-0, aggregate 122-73

Earls played at home against Greenlands and drew 6-6 aggregate of 98-95, winners were C Ayling S Elvin 22-16, V Cameron S Wickens E Shepperd 27-15