Sunday 24th October, Vistabella Lanzadores travelled to Quesada Swallows to resume the match rained off on Friday, Winning on just 1 Rink. Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 25-14. Shots, 69-80. Points, 2-8.

Monday 25th October, Vistabella Drivers were Away to Country Bowls, Losing on all Rinks, and only being able to field 3 Rinks. Shots, 45-65 Points 0-10.

Vistabella Albatrosses were Home to Quesada Pearls, Disappointingly losing on all Rinks. Shots, 47-83 Points 0-10.

Vistabella Eagles were at Home to a very strong team Greenlands Chestnuts, losing on all Rinks, Shots 40-83 Points 0-10.

Vistabella Buggies were Away to Greenlands Beech, Winning on 2 Rinks, Shots, 65-74 Points, 4-6.

Monday was not a good day for Vistabella Bowls, Hopefully Friday will be better.

Wednesday 27th October, Vistabella Paradors were at Home to Quesada Swift’s, Winning on 1 Rink, Bill Taylor, Peter Caldwell, Sue Wilson 19-14, Shots, 62-76  Points 2-8.

Thursday 28th October Vistabella Played San Luis Home & Away in the Premier 20 knockout, Winning at Home, Singles  Martin Foulcer 21-15,  Pairs Carol & Gary Thorpe 30-7,  and Trips Lynne Bishop, Richard Willey, Eric Bishop 26-11. Away Winning, Singles Ian Kenyon 21-4, Rinks Derek & Alice Howe Barbara & Arthur Brown 28-15 and Drawing the Trips Sue Kemp, Sandra Burrows, Brian Zelin 18-18, Winning 13 – 5, Well done everyone.

Friday 29th October, Vistabella Lanzadores were Away to San Miguel Bulldogs, Winning on all Rinks, Sue Kemp, Sandra Burrows, Brian Zelin 19-12. Kath Reid, Barbara Brown, Ian Kenyon 22-12. Mo Foulcer, Arthur Brown, Martin Foulcer 18-12. Lynne Bishop, Carol & Gary Thorpe 19-15. Shots 78-51, Points 10-0.

Vistabella Conquistadors were Home to Country Bowls Panthers, Winning on 2 Rinks. Denise Howell, Roy Widgery, Alan Bannister 18-11. Sharon Louise, Keith Black, Steve Baxter 15-14. Shots 50-79, Points 4-6.

Vistabella Picadors were at Home to San Miguel Boxers, Winning on one Rink and Drawing on one Rink. Paul Durham, John Goddard, Stuart Allman 22-18. Pauline Rafferty, Jeff Neve, Pat Rafferty 16-16. Shots, 64-72,  Points 3-7.