La Marina Bowls Club by Dave Hadaway
La Marina Bowls Club by Dave Hadaway

I don’t know about you but I am pleased to say I am in my 70’s, when New Year’s Eve doesn’t seem quite so important as when I was younger,  however time rolls on without my celebrations and it is a New Year so HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody here’s looking for a healthy one.

Bowls started the 5th of January and competitive bowls with the semi-finals of the Pensioners Urn.  the results being, Don FOWKES versus Alex WHYTE 21 -16 and Tom SPENCER versus Peter PARSONS 7-21, congratulations to Don and Peter for reaching the final.

As I have no BARCLAYS PROPERTIES winter league results this week to publish, I Would like to tell you about a new league that Don is introducing. It is an Australian pairs format and will consist of the  Birds division played on Mondays and the  Big Cat division playing on Fridays.

The format is pairs played over 18 ends but the first player will play the first two bowls and the last 2 bowls with their partner playing the middle 4, the next end the order of play will be reversed  giving each player a chance of skip and lead, sounds complicated but it is a beautiful  game to play  and watch.

The Monday league will be THE BIRDS division, consisting of:-

The Flamingos     –    Tom Spencer, Jean Fowkes

The Puffins.          –     Len Daniels, Barbara Forshaw

The Kingfishers.  –   Sue Daniels, Reg Jackson

The Kestrals.        –  John Rae, Paul Tregoing

The Swans.              –  Mike Stone, Margaret Mclaughlin

The Eagles.            –   Garth Slater, Trevor Hancock

The Skylarks.       –   Phil Pape, Mo Taylor

The Robins.            –   Steve Sydell, Ann Stone

The Wagtails.       –   Mike Smith, Martha Reynolds

The Blackbirds.  –   Cliff Rawlinson, Marylyn

The Friday league will be known as THE BIG CAT Division consisting of:-

The Panthers.              – Peter Parsons, Steve Douglas

The Leopards.              –  Jim Reeves, Frank Polark

The Jaguars.                –  Don Fowkes, Jan Parsons

The Mountain Lions – Wendy Latham, Alan Wilcox

The Bengul Tigers.    – Dave Taylor, Dave Joynes

The Cheetahs.             – Dave Mcgae,  Orman Ship

The Cougars.              – Mo Kidd, Lesley Joynes

The Iberian Lynx.        – Jim Freeman, Jeff Halfyde

The Snow Leopards. –  Alex Maurrice, Loreta Rae

The Bob Cats.              –  Irene Magnum, Marylyn Fryatt