CHESTNUTS travelled to Country Bowls and didn’t fare so well and could only manage 2 to 10points in favour  to Country  Bowls so better luck next week .

The Oaks were also away to San Miguel and came up a tough battle against strong opponents but managed to get 6 to 6 so well done for a good fight and some points.

The Gladiators were all systems go this week against Javea Calpe and run out 10 winners and looks now to have the league seen up so CONGRATULATIONs to all the squad for n great win.

The Maples played host to San Miguel this week and managed an 8-4 victory so keep the green flag flying high and well done all.

The Elms were at home to Country Bowls this week but didn’t have a good result and sorry to say lost 3-9 so hard luck for some games were very close at the end.

The CEDARS were at home to San Luis and had an awful day with heavy rain and high winds   but dug deep and came to an10 to 2 victory which was a great result so well done all players.