What a busy week for the boys and girls of Quesada bowls club!  Due to the previous weeks abandoned matches, most players were required to don their bowls kit 3 times.

There were 2 matches for both Swallows, Swans and Swifts, who overall performed admirably.  Swallows had a Sunday morning rearranged match against Vistabella Lanzadores, with these trips the pick of the bunch in an 8-2 victory – C Brazier, M France, J Prokopowycz 27-12.

Then on Friday, they visited El Rancho, where they won 2, lost 2 and drew overall shots (67-67), and once again it was the same motley crew who came out on top, as their team drew 5-5.

The same day, Swans beat La Siesta Golds 8-2, with A Bowen, D Gould, S Cooper winning 23-11.  Swans rearranged match at San Miguel was a day later, where against the boxers they lost 4-6, thanks to a 29-11 victory by D Benson, P Farrell, A Benson.

Finally, the last of our southern league teams had 2 brilliant results.  Swifts rearranged away match at Vistabella ended in a fine 8-2 victory, courtesy of this trips team – T Brinton, D Riley, J Pitt 18-9.  Then 2 days later, they won 8-2 at home to El Rancho Broncos, where best scoring rink were T Brinton, S Jakeman, J Brinton 23-10.  Unbelievably, all 3 of our Monday South Alicante league sides recorded 10-0 victories.

In the top division, Pearls best winning rink at Vistabella were M Highland, C Dye, C Highland (22-10), whilst in the 2nd division, P Rees, B Armstrong, B Rees (41-7) were top scorers for the Diamonds at home to La Siesta.

Last but not least, Joe Brinton’s Rubies were shown the way by T Brinton, A Johnston and the man himself, by an impressive score of 30-17 at El Rancho.