At long last we got underway again bowling in the leagues, great to be back. At home the Titans played Quesada Pearls and the result was an 8-2 win for home team aggregate was 72-59

Winners were S Kavanagh, G Ponsford, J Smyth 28-8, L Freeman, S Marks, R Marks 15-13, D Jones, P Coffey, B Kavanagh 17-16

Also at home we had the local derby between the Moonrakers and the Neptunes which the Moonrakers won 8-2, aggregate 73-72. Winners for Moonrakers were M Riley, S Adams, M Willicott 23-15, R Adams, G Inwood, P Willicott 20-13, A Gower, R Andrews, G Smith 19-15 and for Neptunes C Thomas, J Bright, P Heaney 29-11

Friday brought the Cavaliers against La Marina Sharks and the outcome was a fine win for the Cavaliers 8-2 aggregate of 75-65. Winners were L Freeman, C Smyth, J Smyth 19-11, N Prior, G Ponsford, D Gerrard  18-16, J Pooley, S Elvin, C Lindgren 21-20

In the afternoon game the Claymores took on the Outlaws. The winners were the Claymores with a great win 10-0 aggregate 82-55. Winners were M Ellis, A Malcolm, K Jolliffe 31-10, S Johnson, B Smith, J Mulloy 19-16, B Taylor, J Loughran, M O’Dell 15-13, V Cameron, B Eldred, E Bennett 17-16

Remember our SAPS is now in full swing 1.15pm Saturday for a great 2 hours of bowls. Shoes and coaching, if needed, all for 5 Euros with bar

Or come and join the club like all the new members we have had lately. Even some old members have re-joined