Emerald Isle Bowls Club
Emerald Isle captain

The week began with the Titans travelling to play Monte Mar Matadors, and they had a great 12-2 win aggregate of 128-73, winners were P Willicott A M Stevenson D Gerrard 26-8, C Thomas J Pooley J Rimmer 24-9, P Coffey M Thomas J Mulloy 22-11, C Parsons M Veale M Odell 18-10, P Heaney S Johnson I Brewster 24-17

The Moonrakers played at home against Quesada Diamonds and slipped to a 2-12 aggregate 65-135 defeat, winners were D Martin L Bath R Ede 19-16

Wed brought Monte Mar to play the Isle in Winter league and the home side came out winners by 8-4 aggregate 97-78, winners were D Jones M Whitelock J Mulloy J Rimmer 29-12, P Coffey M Riley M Veale M Stacey 19-13, C Thomas R White A M Stevenson D Gerrard 21-18

Thursday brought Quesada Panthers to the Isle in the Fed4s league the visitors took the game 6-2 aggregate 49-59 I winners were S Kavanagh M Shatwell E Morris B Kavanagh 26-20

Friday saw the Cavaliers play San Miguel Jaguars at home and went down 6-8, aggregate 118-83, winners were P Coffey M Odell J Rimmer  34-5, D Jones K Joliffe  D Gerrard 27-4

The Claymores played at home on Friday against La Siesta Blues and they won 10-4, aggregate 108-87, the winners were, R Adams A Malcolm M Breen  24-13,D Horne S Watson T Harris 22-17, S Kavanagh E Morris B Kavanagh 21-14, L Harris M Petty G Shatwell  16-11

The Outlaws travelled to La Marina Merlins and lost 4-10 aggregate 85-113, winners were, B Taylor A Gower A Fay 19-12, M Elliot L Bath R Ede 21-3