Monte Mar frozen out in Winter League
Monte Mar frozen out in Winter League

Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club – Sponsored by the Belfry, The Pub, Bowling Abroad and Avalon

Monday January 15th: Monte Mar Matadors v San Miguel Meteors – A tough match away to the Meteors, winning on one rink, well done to Keith Simpson, Val Hignett and skip Colin Armitage. Shots Matadors 86 – 126 Meteors. Points Matadors 2 – 12 Meteors

Wednesday January 17th: Monte Mar v San Miguel – Another hard fought game away to San Miguel. Winning on two rinks well done to Jan Soars, Danny King, Howie Williams and skip Alan Asberry, Lesley Jones, Bill Judd and skip Ron Jones.

Friday January 19th: Monte Mar Toreadors v San Luis Golds – A close match between the Toreadors and Gold with both teams winning on three rinks. The Golds won a tight game by the shots. Well done our winning teams of Carol Packer, Howie Williams and skip Graham Smythe, Ian Hamilton, Bill Errington and skip John Hunt, Sheila Roberts, Chris Harding and skip Joan Harding. Shots Toreadors 93 – 101 Golds, Points Toreadors 6 – 8 Golds

Tuesday January 23rd: Fed Fours – Monte Mar Lords v Quesada Leopards – A well-played match against Quesada Leopards. Monte Mar Lords won on all rinks. A very good result Monte Mar, to many names to mention so a big well done to all. Shots Monte Mar Lords 72 – 38 Quesada Leopards, Points Monte Mar Lords 8 – 0 Quesada Leopards

Wednesday January 24th: Winter League Monte Mar v San Luis – Another hard game away to a strong San Luis team.  After the game we all enjoyed a drink and a meal. Shots Monte Mar 47 – 130 San Luis. Points Monte Mar 0 – 12

Friday January 26th: Monte Mar Matadors v Emerald Isle Cavaliers – At home to the Cavaliers it was a difficult game for all in the wind. The Matadors won on one rink well done to Harry Dobson, Lynne Armitage and skip Colin Armitage. Shots: Matadors 82 – 129 Cavaliers, Points Matadors 2 – 12 Cavaliers

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