A combination of bad weather and a free week, meant that there was very little competitive bowling for QBC lads and lassies.  On Monday in the South Alicante league, Blenheims hosted San Luis, a match which they emerged victorious by 10 points to 2.

Here’s details of the 4 winning trips – C Highland, C Brazier, P Farrell 26-15. M Highland, B Elliott, T Voisey 24-17. G Carnell, V Campbell, F Roberts 25-14.  G Kershaw, A Linley, J Pitt 21-7.  Only the team of C Lowry, S Jakeman, K Lowry 22-18, emerged with points, as Lancasters went down 10-2 at Country Bowls.

VCL side Tigers, had a rearranged game on the Tuesday.  Over at Greenlands against the Jasmins, Irene Everett, who won her ladies singles match 21-20, earned points in a 10-2 defeat.

The following day, Lions VCL match was  a victim of the very unseasonal weather (that’s an understatement), whilst Tigers had a free week.

QBC were scheduled to host the nationals singles championships from 7-9 May.