Emerald Isle Bowls Club - Elwyn Morris
Emerald Isle Bowls Club - Elwyn Morris

Country Bowls by Geoff Paylor and Gordon Dixon

The Country Bowls ‘Badgers’ travelled to Monte Mar on Monday for their second match in the summer league.

Was it a case of ‘after the Lord Mayors show?’ You would have to think so looking at the result.

The Badgers lost 2 points to 12 with our 2 points coming from Ben Noke, Derek Jiggins and Andy Bryce, well done for sticking with it. We were beaten by a superior squad and not because of our own bad play.

There were some great bowls played and it augments very well for the future. Scores are : Niel West, Peter Dix and Phil Warrington. 9 – 24, Joel Fernandez, Adam James and John Mallet. 10 – 16, Brenda Jiggins, Lynne Bryce and Gary Ponsford. 14 – 23, Geoff Eggleton, Dave Smith and John Hassell. 8 – 14, Linda Freeman, Graham Richardson and Geoff Paylor. 10 – 13 and the winning rink. 17 – 11.

In the latest VCL match, Country Bowls ‘Herons’ travelled to San Miguel and came up against a strong side, both singles came up against players in top form and went down rather heavily. The pairs started well and got an early lead but were then under pressure and were punished 11 shots in three ends and never recovered.

The trips, despite losing seven shots on the second end fought bravely but were unable to make up the shots against some very steady and consistent lead bowls from their opponents despite some good efforts.

The rinks played some good ends but were overpowered by an experienced team playing some excellent bowls and scoring heavily. This resulted in San Miguel coming out on top and all were worthy winners with a score of 12 – 0. Scores are; Ladies Singles. Brenda Jiggins. 8 – 21, Gents Singles. Geoff Paylor. 10 – 21, Pairs. Lynne Bryce & Ben Noke. 11 – 25, Trips. Linda Freeman, Derek Jiggins and Gary Ponsford. 12 – 21, Rinks. Ann Barratt, Dave Smith, John Hassell & Andy Bryce . 5 – 29

For any information on Country Bowls please contact the club on 966 19 1552 or 868 183 703. Or visit our website www.countrybowlsmurcia.com .

El Rancho Bowls Club.

Monday morning with the strong winds of late relenting to give us a splendid morning for bowls, the Buckskins were away at San Luis playing the Hercules which can be a difficult fixture. But we were in splendid company and we enjoyed the occasion if not the result, which didn’t represent the effort we put into the match, playing some good bowls in some close matches. However in the end we came away with just the one point, but it didn’t spoil our lunch or day. Dolly Ford, Pam Harris and Brian Harris 10-15. Lesley Day, Marion Haynes and Dave Haynes 13-13. Ann Abbott, Bob Day and Malc Elmore 7-18. David Wright, Graham Day and Keith Longshaw 13-19. Brian Yates, Ann Taylor and Jim Taylor 14-26. Janet Wright, Peter Blackburn and Malc Sykes 17-23.

Wednesday found El Rancho playing their first match of the week at Emerald Isle against the Erals in a tough match, the two singles matches with Jane Hamill and Richard Lee proved to be single shot losses at 20-21. The other matches on paper were comfortable wins for the Erals, but good bowls was played by both teams, though we came away without a point.

Friday found El Rancho playing host to San Miguel Marshals in the VCL and a good day it was, El Rancho taking both singles and the overall shots by one. A good result a day with very windy conditions. Ladies singles: Jean Bagwell 21-13. Gents singles: Jim Gracie 21-10. Pairs: June Whitworth and Richard Lee 13-15. Trips: Sheila Cox, Jane Hamill and Shirley Edwards 16-22. Rinks: Ron Edwards, Brian Taylor, Mike Cox and David Whitworth 15-25. For membership details contact Brian Taylor on 965077093 or  at briantaylor_es@yahoo.co.uk or Carolyn Harris on 966774316 or at elranchobowls.secretary@gmail.com.

Emerald Isle Bowls Club

The week started with the Victors travelling to play at San Miguel Christians and they had a fine 10-4 win, aggregate 103 -100, winners were: P Heaney S Wickens D Birkett 26-10,C Thomas A M Stevenson B Kavanagh 18-10, S Johnson L Vincent K Jolliffe 17-13 D Jones C Warner  J Rimmer, 18-16

The Vulcans played Greenlands Gladiators and had a fine 14-0 aggregate 121-64. Winners were  L Burns J Loughran A Burns 23-8, ,G Dyer T Capewell  M Willicott  22-13,   A Brown G Farrington L Fisher 24-9, C Ayling S Watson J Mullarkey 22-11, R Adams B Doran  D Close 12-10, S Adams E Brookes P Creswell 18-13

Tuesday EI played The Highjackers and the home team won 10–6 aggregate of119-104 winners were N Inwood R Fooks P Willicott 26-11, S Adams J Dear D Close 23-14, D Martin R Adams G Inwood 15-12 T Capewell and two guests won 20-12

Wed the Dukes travelled to Vistabella Vikings in the VCL league, and were beaten 4-8, aggregate of 82-90 winners were J Rimmer 21-18, M Whitelock and M Stacey 15-13

The Earls played at home against El Rancho and they had a great 14-0 win, aggregate of 122-70. Winners were S Kavanagh 21-20  P Heaney 21-20, C Warner B Kavanagh 22-7, C Ayling C Parsons L Fisher 26-16, R Adams B Taylor S Watson J Mullarkey 32-7

Thursday took the Victors to Vistabella Greenways and the home team came out on top 9-5 aggregate 87-101, winners were D Jones CWarner J Rimmer 21-10,  C Thomas M Thomas A M Stevenson 16-14, C Parsons M Whitelock M Stacey drew 16-16

The Earls played at home against La Marina Pilots and they slipped to a 6-8 aggregate of 88-103 winners were A Brown D Close L Fisher 21-11, C Ayling S Watson J Mullarkey 22-16, I Fay A Fay J Loughran 18-14

Hoping all the Emerald Isle bowlers on tour at Mojacar are having a good time



On Monday we were at home to La Marina Pilots and I’m delighted to report another good win.  A beautiful spring morning was complemented by some excellent bowling from both sides, with some very close matches.

We lost one rink on the 18th end by 1 shot, but won 4 rinks in total and secured the shots points by 115 – 100.

The overall match result was Horadada 10 points and La Marina 4 points.

Our winning rinks were:

 Pat Patton, Alan Miller and Brian Patton 27 – 14;

Yvonne Hurlock, Les Davies and Brian Eatough 18 – 14;

Carol Linehan, Linda Hier and Terry Hucknall 21 – 13

 Irene Graham, Jack Linehan and John Hurlock 22 – 16.

Our thanks to Paul and his La Marina team for their good sportsmanship and friendliness that contributed to an excellent morning’s bowling.

Good luck team for next week against La Siesta Wasps.  We are at home so let’s make it 4 out of 4.

On Wednesday in the VCL League we were away to La Marina.  Not a good result for us I’m afraid.  Again it was a lovely spring morning with no wind so we couldn’t blame that.  Thanks goes to Margaret Odell for winning her ladies singles match 21 – 6.  Margaret saved us from a whitewash.  La Marina played some good bowling that we couldn’t quite keep up with.  We are hoping for a better result next week against Country Bowls.

With no other matches to report on wishing our team of players good luck and good bowling for next week.


With last week’s very strong winds starting to calm down a little, the sun has been making its presence felt rather more strongly and the sun screen has been more obvious with white stripes on noses (or was it just mine?). Unfortunately the dust and pollen in the dry air has affected a few of our players with asthma, hay-fever and breathing problems but hopefully we take the tablets, drink more water and carry on. Having had a pause in the leagues for the Champion of Champions Tournament we have another week to play league matches before the Linea Directa National Lawn Bowls Championships start (12th-26th May at Emerald Isle).

South Alicante Summer League: Monday 30th April SL Wellingtons away v Q Blenheims, had a disastrous result 1-13, 66 shots-105. Just managing to hold on for a draw: Helen Hammond, Sheila Cammack, Scott Malden 15-15.

SL Hercules home v El Rancho Buckskins had a great result, 13-1, shots 114-74. Winners: Ray Whatmough, Ralph Jones, Sue Ross 15-10, Roger Inwards, Mary Fromson, Roy Cordell 19-13, Mario Cavilla, Ken Dullaway, Charlie Marigold 13-13, Ros Holmes, Audrey Ford, Tom Fromson 18-7, Sally Cordell, Ian Ross, Les Bedford 26-14, Terry Baylis, Cas Blay, Brenda Brown 23-17.

Wednesday 2nd May VCL: SL Falcons home v SM Sheriffs, had a good result; 10-2, shots 92-71. Winners: Singles – Kath Reid 21-15, Colin Jackson 21-10, Pairs – Jan & Brian Pocock 15-12, Rinks – Ann Holland, William Holtham, Scott Malden, Ian Kenyon 20-16.

SL Hawks away v La Siesta had a tough morning, 2-10, shots 77-97. Well done to our pairs: Sue Ross & Charlie Marigold 21-14.

Friday 4th VCL: SL Hawks had a hard fought game but a much better result away v EI Earls, points 10-2, shots 92-67. Winners: Singles – Irene Everett 21-9, Bill Webb 21-12, Trips – Ros Holmes, Bob Bromley, Vic Slater 22-19, Rinks – Dennis Jackson, Terry Baylis, Sheila Cammack, Charlie Marigold 15-10.

Information: www.sanluisbowls.byethost7.com  or contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691903773.

Sheila Cammack

Press Report San Miguel Bowls Club – week ending 4th May

By Gail Willshire

The results from the Monday leagues were mixed for San Miguel this week. The Christians were home to Emerald Isle Victors, with both teams starting the day on 16 points. Pat McEwan, Anne Young and Dave McEwan struggled for the first half of the game, but didn’t give up and managed to claw their way back winning 23:19. Anita Brown, Jack Jackson and Bob Donnelly were ahead from the off ending with a great score of 27:5. Unfortunately for the Christians, that is where the good news ended. Despite fighting hard they just missed out on the overall shots, the final result being a loss, 4:10, 100 shots to 103.

 On the same day the Moors went to La Siesta to fight the Wasps in the hope they wouldn’t get badly stung. Early on, things did not look good and they were facing a potential 3:11 defeat. But what a turnaround! By midway the team had moved to a 10:4 win and maintained this to the end. Great results came from Allan Patterson, Dave Johnson and Lynn Greenland, Val Collier, Chris Collier and Stuart Denholm, Margaret Patterson, Lee Sinclair and Mary Dyer and Sue Milner, Jim Jarvie and Steve Cantley.

Wednesday’s VCL results were another mixed bag. Starting with the good news, the Deputies won across the board beating the Country Bowls Herons 12:0, 117 shots to 46. The singles were played by Ann Allan and Gary Raby, the Pairs by John Marshall and John Raby, the Trips comprised Jack Jackson, Jim Jarvie and Alan Campbell and the Rinks Tom Dalgleish, Sandi Hannon, Derek Farmer and Bob Donnelly.

Now for the rest of the results. The Sheriffs only managed 2 points away to the San Luis Falcons thanks to Lin Miller, Chris Collier and Val Collier. The Marshalls faired slightly better getting 4 points from their match against the Quesada Tigers. Well done to Sheila and Brian Errington in the Pairs and Ann Young, Bob Graham and John Staden in the Trips.

If you are thinking of taking up bowls, why not come to Wasps on Wednesdays 1pm for 1:30 start. €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and woods available to borrow.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President Stuart Hemmings on 965720461, or the Secretary Gail Willshire on 965020492.

Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop.

S.A Spitfire League. Two games this week for the Greenways, the first on Monday when the side welcomed the Quesada Lancaster’s who sat top of the league. Three wins and the long game gave the Greenways an eight point win. Sue Jenkins, Charlie Watkins & Maggie Furness 33-8. Pauline Rafferty, Helen Marshall & Sue Wilson 24-10 and Stan Dibble, Mike Regan & Arthur Brown 14-10. Shots, VB 107(8) – 87(6) Q.

The second game was a re-arranged one played a few days early on Thursday at home  against the Emerald Isle Victors who apparently were top of the league after Monday’s fixture. The Greenways chasing after points managed to pick up nine on this occasion thanks to some very good bowling. Sheila Whitehall, Gary Thorpe & Peter Whitehall 24-10. Lynne Bishop, Charlie Watkins & Martin Foulcer 22-10. Rosemarie Savage, Jim Donnelly & Sue Wilson 15-13. Beryl Regan, Ken Savage & Brian Dunn 16-16. Knocking two teams off top spot in one week is very encouraging. Shots, VB 101(9) – 87(5) EL. Well done the Greenways!

VCL. The Saxons played away to the Quesada Lions where they unfortunately lost on all rinks so the less said the better but good luck next week.

The Vikings were at home to the Emerald Isle Dukes, all games were incredibly close and well fought, the Vikings finished with three wins plus the long game, well done to Ladies Singles Lin Watkins 21-18. Triples Frank Barclay, StJohn Broadhurst & Gary Thorpe  21-15 and Rinks Ron Smith, Jeff Neve, Bill Corbishly & Eric Bishop 17-15. Shots, VB 90(8) – 82(4) EI.