Monday 20th February Division A, Vistabella Albatrosses made the long journey to Country Bowls Flamingos, Winning on 3 Rinks plus the Shots, Geraldine Fisher, Arthur Brown, Gordon Fisher 19-12, Mo Foulcer, Maggie Furness, Eric Bishop 23-17, Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 22-8, Shots 89-75. Points 8-4.

Vistabella Eagles Division C, were Home to La Siesta Sputnicks, Winning on 3 Rinks plus the Shots, Julia Clarke, Peter Westwood, Sheila Westwood 25-16, Rosemarie Savage, Ken Savage, Keith Black 27-9, Jill Wyatt, Avril Kendall, Freddie Willey 17-11, Shots 100-73. Points 8-4.

Wednesday 22nd February, Vistabella in the Winter League were Away to BBC, Winning on all 3 Rinks, Freddie Willey, Sue Kemp, Alice Howe, Brian Zelin 18-12, Steve Baxter, Derek Howe, Richard Lee, Maggie Furness 26-13, Geraldine Fisher, Barbara Brown, Arthur Brown, Gordon Fisher 20-16, Shots 64-41. Points 8-0.

Friday 24th February, Vistabella Lanzadores Division A, were Away to La Marina Sharks, Winning on all Rinks. Sue Kemp, Mo Foulcer, Brian Zelin 23-12, Lynne Bishop, Arthur Brown, Gary Thorpe 18-12, Richard Lee, Maggie Furness, Eric Bishop 27-7, Geraldine Fisher, Barbara Brown, Gordon Fisher 20-12, Olwyn Ratcliffe, Stuart Allman, Brian Dunn 26-10, Shots 114-53. Points 12-0.

Vistabella Picadors Division B, were at Home to Quesada Swift’s, Winning on 3 Rinks plus the Shots, Hillary James, Sue Wilson, Alan Bannister 22-12, John Goddard, Brian Gilham, Brian Pointon 31-11, Steve Baxter, Jim Jepson, Derek Howe 18-15, Shots 95-81. Points 8-4,

Vistabella Conquistadors Division C, were Away to Country Bowls Panthers, Losing on all Rinks. Shots 59-122. Points 0-12.