Vistabella Bowls Report. Brian Zelin
Vistabella Bowls Report

SAL League. Three teams up against San Luis on Monday, what did we do to deserve that? At it happens we got the better of two of them but the Albatrosses draw the short straw, they were away in the Enterprise league to San Luis Klingons where they had two wins…it could have been worse so no shame! Shots, VB 72(4)- 105(8) SL.

The Drivers also in the Enterprise league were at home against San Luis Trekkers and this game resulted in a good win for the home side, top score came from the team of S Jenkins, D Howard & D Jenkins 37-7. Shots VB 105(10) – 75(2) SL..well done all.

The third game versus San Luis was in the voyager league with the Buggies at home to San Luis Romulans…a bit of a one sided affair, the highest Buggies score was 48-5…I’ll say no more..Shots, VB 180(12) – 36(0) SL.

In the Discovery league the Eagles were away to the Greenlands Maples, this was also a one sided match with all the points going in The Maples favour. Shots, 42(0) – 110(12) G.

Winter League. Away to Quesada and a hard game, only one win but close games as reflected in the shot difference. Winning team Lin Watkins, Sandra Burrows, Eric Bishop & Peter Whitehall. Shots, VB 73(2) – 79(19) Quesada.

The Berleen team of Sue Jenkins, Peter Rees, Peter Tomkins & Dave Jenkins won 16.14.

Southern League div A Lanzadores were away to La Marina, three winning rinks and the shots, VB 100(8) – 89(4) LM.

The Picadors played the Blues at Las Siesta, they also won on three rinks and took the shots too. VB 94(8) – 79(4) LS.

Div C Conquistadors had an afternoon home game versus La Marina Merlins, unfortunately there was only the one win from Rosemarie & Ken Savage & Di Hudson. Shots, VB 67(2) – 130(10) LM.

Finally the other C div team the Swingers had a good home win against Greenlands Elms. Four wins plus the long game. VB 132(10) – 47(2) G.