Green Keepers Ian and Ken Hope.
Green Keepers Ian and Ken Hope.

San Miguel Bowls Club by Pat McEwan

In the Monday SABA League, SAN MIGUEL COMETS had a brilliant result at home against Greenlands Maples, winning 12 points to 2, and a massive shot difference of 126 to SM and 79 to GL.  Very well played by Meg Brownlee, Sandra Hannan, Bill Brownlee 25-13:  Jack Jackson, Bill Reeves, Rosamond Stockell 25-13:  Dave Champion, Barbara Scotthern, Bob Donnelly 23-12;  Bob Nesbitt, Mick Rogers, Rob Honeywell 22-16;  Carl Eagle, Mike Bayfield,  Ann Eagle 16-9, hard lines to Stan, Val and Frank beaten by one shot.

The METEORS won 8 -6 against Vistabella Albatrosses at home with a great shot difference of 123 to 87.  Great results by Tony Sanson, Len Rudge, Steve Cantley 34-14;  Val Collier, Brian Allen, Stuart Denholm 28-10;  Dave Johnson, Stuart Hemmings, Lyn Greenland 20-13.

The PULSARS didn’t do as well, only managing 2 points away to La Marina Explorers.  Well done to Anne Young, Tom Dalgleish, Derek Farmer 18-13.  Janet Thomas team had hard lines, going level into the 18th end, but dropped 2 shots.  Same with Alan Campbells team, losing on the last end by 1 shot.  Shots were 80 to 104.

In the Fed Fours, the APACHES were away to La Siesta Parakeets, winning one rink.  Well done to Pat McEwan, Ken Hope, Brian Allen, Dave McEwan 17-16, a very close game.  Shots were 42 to the Apaches 58 to La Siesta.

The WINTER LEAGUE had a good result at home against Vistabella.  Very well played by Margaret Patterson, Val & Chris Collier 17-8;  Brian Miller, Dave Johnson, Steve Cantley, Mary Dyer 28-7;  Carol Rudge, Brian Allen, Stuart Hemmings, Stuart Denholm  21-13, Cliff Plaisted, Len Rudge, Gary Raby, Lynn Greenland 18 across.  The Berleen team won by 1 shot.  Total shots 95 to SM63 to VB.

In the Southern League THE JAGUARS were at home to La Marina, only to find the green waterlogged!!  Green keepers Ian and Ken Hope got the hoover out and managed to remove the excess water and the game commenced in light rain.  By the 6th end, the rain was coming down quite heavily, water was starting to pool on the green and the game had to be abandoned.  To be replayed on Tuesday afternoon.

No other results received.

The draw for the Valentines Competition has been made, see the board for details.

For further information on SAN MIGUEL BOWLS CLUB please contact the President, Rosamond Stockell telephone 965 32 9778 or Secretary Pat McEwan, telephone 966 71 4257.