Pride of place of our 6 teams this week, must go to Swallows in the Southern league.  A home match against La Siesta blues, saw them win on all 4 rinks, thereby recording an emphatic 10-0 victory.  Well done people – B Trinder, S Hibberd, S Heath 27-20. T Morgan, C Dye, P Morgan 21-14. C Brazier, M France, Jason P 23-19.  G Phillips, M Highland, C Highland 16-10.  Also in the southern league, div 2 side Swans also performed well.

At San Luis, they beat the Tigers by 8 points to 2, thanks to this gang – A Bowen, K Bowles, S Cooper 20-13. S Barnes, D Barnes, T Voisey 23-14. B Elliott, P Farrell, A Benson 22-16.  But, that´s where the good news ends for our Friday teams, when Swifts visit to Country Bowls resulted in a whitewash to the hosts.

In the South Alicante league, Pearls home match against Greenlands Maples proved to be a non-starter, due to covid certificate difficulties.  Diamonds meanwhile, were in deepest Murcia, playing the Flamingos.  Winning on 2 rinks apiece, our boys and girls lost overall by a meagre 5 shots.

So, with the final score reading Flamingos 6 Diamonds 4, here´s the winning blue teams – C Bowles, D Gould, K Bowles 26-17. B Elliott, P Farrell, J Pitt 15-13.  Finally, Rubies home match against Vistabella Buggies finished 8-2 to our precious stones.

As the visitors turned up with only 3 rinks, you have to feel sorry for the poor Buggies (sic), for they were then deducted the 2 points they´d gained as a punishment.  Muy bien amigos – M Lamberton, D Riley, P Bradbury 29-15, S Johnston, A Johnston, J Brinton 29-14.