Well here we are, halfway through the season and on a wing and a prayer and with everything crossed, we’ve kept going through to the end of the first half of the winter season.

South Alicante League: Enterprise Div. Monday 6th Dec. Klingons, away v Greenlands Sycamores, had a good result: shots 86-53, 8 points-2. Winners: Jane Hamill, Pam Lockett, Neil Morrison 25-8, Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 24-7, Tricia Reilly, Vic Mahomet, Pat Reilly 21-18.

Trekkers, away v La Marina Pathfinders, had a close match: 5 points-5, just missing out on shots 64-67. Winners: Dee Hoey, Ralph Jones, Lyndon Johnson 17-12, Pauline Johnson, Brenda Brown, Derrick Cooper 17-17, Brian White, Pete Ayres, Brian Fraser 17-11.

No Winter League match this week: currently we’re lying 4th in the league, a good position against some strong teams. Hopefully we can maintain or better that during the second half after Xmas.

Southern League Div A. Friday 10th Dec.. Lions were away at Vistabella v VB Lanzadores. Once again, we all had to contend with strong winds (even by Vistabella standards) which increased through the afternoon. However, we did somehow manage to complete the full 18 ends this time, even though it was affecting the play + the dust being blown into the air from the fields was affecting the vision! Final result; 6 points-4, 71 shots-63. Winners: Helen Hammond, Bill Webb, Scott Malden 20-13, Jane Hamill, Sheila Cammack, Stewart Hamill 18-12.

Div B. Tigers home v Quesada Swans 2 points-8, 60 shots-79, winners: Brian White, Derrick Cooper, Lyndon Johnson 17-14.

During the quiet period over Christmas & New Year, before the league matches restart from January 10th, we will have a 1 day internal competition (3rd Jan) & club roll ups on Mondays & Fridays for members who want to join in.

We look forward to welcoming new members, (there’s a range of membership fees for 12, 7 or 3 Brexit months). In January we will be deciding on how many teams to enter for the summer leagues. You can come along & watch on match days, join in on a Saturday morning with the “Chicken Drive” or speak with Club Captain, June Jones 691903773, or email: keithjones81@hotmail.com for more information or to arrange coaching.

We wish all bowlers a HAPPY CHRISTMAS & A HEALTHY NEW YEAR. Take care & stay safe.