By Brian Zelin

Hi all, Now the weather has settled down, maybe we can get back to playing Bowls again.

Monday 28th March, Vistabella Fairways Division A, Were Away to Quesada Blenheim’s Winning on 3 Rinks plus the Shots,

Janet Parr, Freddie Willey, Ian Kenyon 18-11,

Denise Howell, Mo Foulcer, Maggie Furness 21-17,

Barbara Brown, Paul Durham, Arthur Brown 19-16,

Shots 92-89. Points 8-4.

Wednesday 30th March, Vistabella Saxons in the VCL Division A, had a very good win at Home against Quesada Lions, Winning on all Rinks,

Ladies Singles, Maggie Furness 21-4,

Mens Singles, Martin Foulcer 21-16,

Pairs, Richard Willey, Ian Kenyon 33-6,

Trips, Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 27-11,

Rinks, Denise Howell, Paul Durham, Arthur Brown, Eric Bishop 21-16,

Shots 123-53, Points 12-0.