Unfortunately there has been no bowling this week.

The major event should have been The Barclays Properties Trophy, this has been a major event over the last 7 years, thanks to Barclays sponsorship and has only been postponed not cancelled.

Barclays Properties Winter League.

No games this week, so I have taken the opportunity to talk to some of the captains, the game is played over 18 ends, with 6 ends of triples, 6 ends of pairs and 6 ends of singles.  The teams consist of 4 players (3 playing) and the captains have produced sheets showing when each member will play so as to have equal games or as near as possible.

The Bears however have taken it further than that and have not only shown games but have allotted positions, so every team member playes equally in each one. Ie: skip, 2 and singles, an interesting concept but perhaps leaving them at a dis-advantage to more dedicated teams.

Now some good news Dave O’Sullivan’s quiz night on Monday brings the first Christmas Dinner of the season.  Lorita has asked me to remind you to contact her or add your name to the notice board if you wish to attend the Club’s Christmas Dinner  on 18th December.

Don’t forget Barclays Winter League and lunch on Wednesday.

Lastly and sadly for you older members Awesome Rex has informed us that Jim Sweeney (a retired long standing member) has recently passed away and at the marvellous age of 95.  What a wonderful, competitive character he was and a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

Dave Hadaway