Country Bowls gearing up for winter  

Country Bowls Club have been gearing up for the winter season, new owners Graham and Jo have been busy updating the premises, the  bar, kitchen and surrounds have all been painted and kitchen updated.  Andy and Boo will be welcoming visiting players with a warm welcome, offering all types of liquid refreshments along with hearty snacks and daily specials. 

Mixed results for our teams this week playing teams from Vistabella in both leagues, one at home and one away. On Friday the Geckos  entertained the Conquistadors, winning on 3 rinks, drawing on one, losing on 2, resulting in an overall victory 116 shots to 74, points 9 for and  5 against.

Rink scores Pat Emmett, Derek Jiggins, Les Turner 24 – 10, Craig Dyson, Dave Smith, Ben Noke 10 – 13, Joel Fernandez, Keith Holliman, Andy Bryce 15 – 16, Ann Barratt, Ray Emmett, Geoff Paylor 18 – 18, Geoff Eggleton, Graham Richardson, Peter Dix 19 – 10, Jean Turner, Andy White, Gordon Dixon 30 – 7

On Monday we travelled to Vistabella in the afternoon to play the Eagles, winning on 2 rinks, losing on 4 rinks, resulting in overall loss 82 shots to 101, points 4 for and 10 against.

Rink scores  Craig Dyson, Dave Smith, Dot Davies 15 – 13,  Ann Barrett, Derek Jiggins, Peter Dix 24 – 14, Brenda Jiggins, Ray Emmett, Les Turner 12 – 15, Joel Fernandez, Keith Holliman, John Simpson 13 – 17, Jean Turner, Ben Noke, Gordon Dixon   11 – 12, Pat Emmett, Sandra Simpson, Geoff Paylor 7 – 30.

We are actively seeking new members, with this in mind the owners are offering free coaching on a Tuesday morning for the next 4 weeks and a taster membership for 3 months at 40 euro. Membership is now available for both 7 and 12 months or just pay and play on roll up days.

For further information view our new website for all the latest news or email President Peter Dix at