Twas a week of mixed results for Quesada bowls club.  Pearls played their outstanding rearranged home South Alicante league match against Greenlands Maples, just before the season recommenced.

I know that they won 6-4, but alas don’t know who the winning rinks were, so can’t elaborate.  But I do know that they not only scored maximum points (10-0) at home to Emerald Isles last Monday, but that the 4 winning rinks are as follows – S Barnes, V Campbell, F Roberts 28-11. M Highland, C Dye, C Highland 19-16.  G Phillips, M France, J Prokopowycz 26-7. C Brazier, T Morgan, P Morgan 20-13.

Also on Monday, but this time in the Discovery division, Diamonds also recorded a fine victory.  Over at Vistabella against the drivers, these 3 trips won to secure 8 points, which keeps them in 2nd place – C Skinner, P Farrell, G Skinner 25-8, S Hibberd, S Heath, T Voisey 19-15, P Rees, B Armstrong, B Rees 25-15.  Rubies had yet another bye.

In Fridays Southern league A div, our Swallows travelled to Country Bowls to take on their Geckos, where C Skinner/M Highland, M France, G Skinner won by 7 shots in a 2-8 defeat.  Swans home match against near neighbours Greenlands proved just as disappointing, when S & D Barnes, T Voisey were the only winning rink.

Swifts meanwhile were doing the biz, at home to La Siesta Silvers.  Winning on all 4 rinks, these boys and girls were responsible for a fine 10-0 victory – A Reid, P Bradbury, J Brinton 27-7. J Cleal, S Jakeman, K Gordon 21-12. B Turner, B & L Miller 29-15. I Everett, V Slater, J Pitt 36-8.