Hi all, Sue and Brian wish you all a Very Happy & Healthy New Year.

Vistabella Albatrosses first match back was Away against El Rancho Pintos on Monday 10th January, Winning on a very Windy Morning on all 4 Rinks, an excellent result at El Rancho. Lynne Bishop, Sue Kemp, Brian Zelin 15-9, Neil Burrows, Sandra Burrows, Eric Bishop 20-11, Mo Foulcer, Tony French, Martin Foulcer 16-15, Kath Reid, Carol Thorpe, Ian Kenyon 26-10. Shots 77-45, Points 10-0.

Vistabella Eagles were the Home team against Vistabella Buggies, both teams Winning on 2 Rinks, but the Eagles taking the Shots. Denise Howell, Geoffrey Wetton, Alice Howe 29-7, Hillary, James, Keith Black, Alan Bannister 24-7,

Buggies. John Ridley, Alan Gordon, Mike Wyatt 19-8, Roberta Bruce, David Bruce, Freddie Willey 21-14. Shots Eagles Winning 75-56. Points 6-4.

Vistabella Drivers were at Home to Quesada Diamonds, Winning on just 1 Rink. Frank Barclay, Kevin Hardy, Stan Dibble 16-15, Shots 54-84. Points 2-8.

Wednesday 12th January, Vistabella played Greenlands in the Semi Final of the Premier 20, Drawing 2-2 Home and Away, but Vistabella victorious by 29 Shots, Home, Singles Martin Foulcer 21-2, Trips, John Goddard, Sandra Burrows, Paul Durham 22-13.

Away, Trips, Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 21-7, Rinks, Tony French, Steve Wilson, Sue Wilson, Eric Bishop 17-15, Shots 142 – 113, Points 10 – 8

Friday 14th January, Vistabella Lanzadores were Away to Greenlands Oaks, Winning on all 4 Rinks. Sue Kemp, Sandra Burrows, Brian Zelin 17-10, Kath Reid, Martin Foulcer, Ian Kenyon 24-13, Mo Foulcer, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 35-8, Lynne Bishop, Neil Burrows, Eric Bishop 20 -11, Shots 96 – 42. Points 10-0.

Vistabella Picadors were at Home to La Manga Crusaders, winning on all 4 Rinks., including on one of the Rinks they got a Hot Shot. Olwyn Radcliffe, Sue Wilson, Brian Dunn 41-6, Frank Barclay, Alan Whitely, Stuart Allman 39-3, Barry Tarling, John Goddard, Paul Durham 20-10, Ron Smith, Stan Dibble, Freddie Willey 36-13, Shots 136 – 29.  Points 10-0.