On Sunday San Miguel played El Cid in the Premier 20 Knockout, they drew 2 -2 at home and 2 – 2 away, but lost by 10 shots overall.

On Monday San Miguel Dalmations were home to Emerald Isle Neptunes winning 8 – 2, 89 shots for and 54 shots against. The best triple were Jack Jackson, Stan North and Bob Donnelly 31 – 9.

Also on Monday San Miguel Beagles played San Luis Klingons drawing 5 – 5, 58 shots to 58, the best winning triple were Bob Graham, Dave Greenland and Ron Nairey 22 – 11.

The third San Miguel team, the Alsations, unfortunately lost to Vista Bella Albatross, losing 2 – 8, 53 shots to 91. The winning triple were Ken Guiney, Mike Bayfield and Derek Farmer 19 – 15.

On Tuesday San Miguel Boxers were away to Emerald Isle Outlaws where they played a re-arranged game from Friday 19th November, winning 9 – 1, 86 shots to 55, the best winning triple were Anne Young, Dave Young and Mike Douglas 27 – 12.

On Friday San Miguel Boxers were home to San Luis Tigers winning 10 – 0, 82 shots to 46. Best winning triple were Barry Jones, Dave Young and Mike Douglas 27 – 13.

On Friday afternoon San Miguel Bulldogs were away to Greenland Oaks winning 6 – 4, 78 shots to 66. Best winning triple were Pat McEwan, Alan Campbell and Lynn Greenland 26 – 6.

A reminder that the Wasps sessions take place Wednesdays 1.30pm for 2.00pm – €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and bowls available to borrow. Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are asked to attend an initial coaching session on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1.45pm.

We welcome all bowlers who would like to join Sn Miguel B.C. as we are a unique club. We only pay owner fees and a club fee and NO LEAGUE RINK FEES.

For further information on San Miguel B.C. please contact club secretary Barry Jones on 602 504 905 or club president Alan Campbell on 606 676 118.