Saturday 2nd October saw the commencement of inter club competitions with the 20/20 against El Cid

This competition comprises of 10 members at home and 10 members playing away simultaneously, the disciplines are rinks (4), trips (3), pairs (2) singles (1), 10 members in all gaining points for individual scores with extra points for overall score.  Unfortunately we only won 2 at home and 1 away. Giving a score of 3 games to 5, so that overall shots were close but not required.

Monday night saw the return of our quiz season under the banner of Trevor Hancock, this started with a capacity of over 60 entries, so if you are looking for November my advice would be to book early.  Thanks Trevor for a great evening.

Lastly the resorts for Wednesday Barclays Properties League are:

Tiger v Lions           2 – 6

Seals v Bears          2 – 6

Pandas v Monkeys   4 – 4

Lambs  v Collies      6 – 2

Dolphins v Koalas    0 – 8

These keep the league order the same as last week, but with the Koalas second place narrowing the gap to 3 points.  With the Bears and Monkeys both winning there is now only 4  points between the bottom 4 teams,Tigers 32, Seals 30, Monkeys 30, Bears  28, this makes for a very exciting league both top and bottom.

Do come along and watch and join us for a excellent meal after the game, 3 courses with wine for only 10 €.   I do feel that this Wednesday’s home made Lasagne was the best I have ever tasted.

Dave Hadaway