Cavaliers in swashbuckling mood against Matadors
Cavaliers in swashbuckling mood against Matadors

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by Elwyn Morris

The week opened with a visit by La Marina Explores to the EI and the home team won by 11-3 with an aggregate of 111-97, winners were M Riley L Vincent J Rimmer 20-8, P Heaney, S Johnson I Brewster 20-16, D Jones G Odell M Odell  20-17,C Parsons K Jolliffe D Gerrard 18-17 and a draw for S Wickens M Veale J Mulloy 18-18

The Neptunes travelled to El Rancho Pintos and were beaten 8-6 aggregate of 95-109, winners were C Ayling S Watson J Mullarkey 19-10, S Kavanagh E Morris B Kavanagh 21-14, L Burns D Rhodes, A Burns 20-15,,

The Moonrakers played at home against La Marina Pathfinders and lost 2-12, aggregate of 73-128 winners were, A Ede E Brookes T Kelly 22-17

Wed saw San Miguel visit the Isle and the result was a 6-6 draw with visitors taking aggregate 77-71, winners were P Heaney S Johnson M Thomas I Brewster 17-9, J Pooley D Jones B Eldred C Lindgren 19-15, M Riley P Coffey M Veale M Stacey 15-11,

Emerald Isle Won the Berleen game V Cameron E Morris B Doran S Watson 22-12

Thursday the Leprechauns played a very strong San Miguel Cherokees at home and finished up at 4-4 aggregate 56-53, Winners were S Kavanagh E Morris T Kelly B Kavanagh 21-15

Friday saw The Cavaliers travel to Monte Mar Mateodores, and had a fine 12-2 win aggregate 129-82, and the winners were P Coffey M Odell J Rimmer 41-7,C Thomas M Thomas C Lindgren 27-17, M Whitelock S Johnson M Stacey 17-10,M Riley G Odell A M Stevenson 17-16, P Willicott L Vincent J Mulloy 18-12

The Claymores played at home against San Miguel Cougars, and were beaten 4-10, aggregate of  81-116,winners were S Kavanagh E Morris B Kavanagh 20-16, C Ayling C Warner J Mullarkey 18-17


Emerald isle and San Miguel bowlers during their winter league match on 24th February 2018. the match score was 6-6.

Photo Dave Jones