Monday saw the Titans playing at home against San Miguel Beagles and they had a great win 12-0 aggregate of 119-64, winners were: D Jones A Miles C Lindgren 31-3,  S Bosworth S Marks R Marks 28-8, S Johnson G Odell M Odell  23-14, S Kavanagh C Smyth J Smyth  18-11, P Coffey K Jolliffe D Morrison 19-18

Moonrakers took on Monte Mar Matadors at home and came out on top 8-4 aggregate of 93 -73,  winners were: N Prior  P Willicott  B Taffe 29-14, S Adams S Wickens I Grimshaw 23-7, I Graham G Digby G Shoots 17-11

Wed brought Quesada to the Isle to play the Emerald Isle and the home team had a fine 12-2 aggregate 144-67, winners were: G Shoots  B Kavanagh  38-4, S Marks R Marks,  34-5 C Smyth J Smyth 25-11, B Taaffe C Lindgren  22-11   P Coffey A Miles 17-14

Celtic Isle played away at La Siesta 1 and came away with a good 8-6 aggregate of 125-93. Winners were:   S Bosworth J Bright 31-7,  D Jones D Morrison 31-7, N Prior J Pooley 22-16