05 November 2020 17:10

Good evening everyone

As you  are aware there has been one possible covid contact which has proved negative – for which we are extremely grateful and pleased.

However earlier to-day we have been advised of another possible instance involving a member’s wife at San Luis (non player).  The player played winter league on Wednesday against Monte Mar and all the players involved have been told to isolate until the results of the couple’s tests are known.

Therefore matches tomorrow have been cancelled with the possibility of some on Monday depending…. and there could be more which will make it very difficult for clubs to re-arrange.

In view of this the League Co-ordinators, in discussing this with other Officers of the LLB, have decided that it is in everyone’s best interest to CANCEL ALL LEAGUES AND THE PREMIER 20 with immediate affect  5th November. This can be reviewed if the situation changes.

As the Southern league is tomorrow every effort will be made by the Co-ordinator to contact all Captains who can then advise their teams.

If you could please help by passing this onto all your members or even contacting your Captains yourself that would really be appreciated.

It is not a decision taken lightly but necessary as things are getting too close for comfort.


LLB Committee