The final week of the season proved highly successful for the boys and girls in blue and white.  First off, in their Monday South Alicante league match, Pearls secured 3rd place in div 1, by earning a 6-6 draw at Greenlands.  Against Maples, these 3 rinks did the biz – G Phillips, M France, Jason P 19-14. T Morgan, C Highland, P Morgan 25-20. M Highland, C Dye, M Ward 19-13. Although Diamonds beat El Rancho Pintos 10-2 at QBC, they were just deprived of the 2nd div championship by 1 point.

Well done – K Gordon, D Collings, T Voisey 26-9. G Kershaw, C & K Lowry 30-10. C Skinner, P Farrell, G Skinner 23-17. P Bottle, D Conlon, A Linley 26-5.

Last Wednesday morning, M Sumner & M Ward beat D Collings & A Reid, to win the club non c of c, handicap pairs event.

Finally, on Friday, Swallows were confirmed champions of Southern league div A, when they were victorious over Greenlands Cedars.  On a sun soaked day at QBC, these 5 sets of trips recorded a scoreline of 11-1 – B Trinder, D Conlon, K Lowry 34-8. M  & C Highland, P Morgan 16-16. G Carnell, V Campbell, F Roberts 19-12. T Morgan, C Dye, M Ward 17-14. G Phillips, M France, Jason P 34-14.  Swans had a bye in their div 2 match, but were anxiously awaiting scores from San Miguel, which would determine whether they were div B champions or not.

Although Swifts had an afternoon match, as I had to shoot off for a flight from Alicante airport, I was unable to include their scores in this report.  So, make sure you pick up a copy of next weeks Leader, when all will be revealed.