Saturday 4th March, we held our 2nd weekend of Finals, Men’s Pairs Champions, Freddie Willey & Gary Thorpe, Ladies Champions, Lynne Bishop & Maggie Furness.

Sunday 5th March, Mixed Trips Champions, Mo Foulcer, Maggie Furness, Martin Foulcer.

Monday 6th March, Vistabella Albatrosses Division A, were at Home to Emerald Isle Titans, Winning on 4 Rinks plus the Shots. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, Well done to Vistabella Albatrosses in Winning the South Alicante A Division League, for the second year running.

Sue Kemp, Barbara Brown, Brian Zelin 19-14, Mo Foulcer, Maggie Furness, Eric Bishop 18-14, Martin Foulcer, Stuart Allman, Brian Dunn 18-9, Geraldine Fisher, Arthur Brown, Gordon Fisher 18-11, Shots 82-66. Points 10-2.

Vistabella Drivers Division B, were at Home to Greenlands Chestnuts, Winning on only 1 Rink, Hillary James, Jeff Neve, Alan Bannister 14-11, Shots 60-88. Points 2-10.

Wednesday 8th March, Vistabella in the final Winter League Match were Away at Javea, Winning on 2 Rinks Plus the Shots, This result means Vistabella finish Second in the Winter League, Sue Kemp, Alan Bannister, Arthur Brown, Brian Zelin 20-16, Freddie Willey, Geraldine Fisher, Alice Howe, Gordon Fisher 22-11, Shots 57-46. Points 6-2.

Friday 10th March, Vistabella Lanzadores Division A, were at Home to San Luis Lions, Winning on 4 Rinks plus the Shots, Martin Foulcer, Stuart Allman, Brian Dunn 22-14, Richard Lee, Maggie Furness, Eric Bishop 17-15, Geraldine Fisher, Barbara Brown, Gordon Fisher 18-13, Lynne Bishop, Arthur Brown, Gary Thorpe 22-17, Shots 88-79. Points 10-2.

Vistabella Picadors Division B, Were Away to La Marina Seagulls, Winning on just 1 Rink, Ron Smith, John Goddard, Alice Howe 23-9, Shots 76-89. Points 2-10.

Vistabella Conquistadors Division C, Were Away to Greenlands Elms, Winning on 4 Rinks plus the Shots, Julia Clarke, Peter Westwood, Sheila Westwood 29-6, Rosemarie Savage, Ken Savage, Keith Black 23-7, Peter Cadwell, John Ridley, Paul Durham 16-13, Sandra Templeton, Alan Gordon, Freddie Willey 18-15, Shots 100-70. Points 10-2.