Monday 28th November the Dolphins were at home to La Siesta Apollos where they won 10-2, shots were 91 to the Dolphins and 65 to La Siesta.  Highest winning trip was Jan Farmer, Gail Willshire and Dave Champion.  The Orcas played away at Quesada where they lost 2-10, 68 shots to 82 with the only winning trip of Stan North, David Homer and Steven Parr winning 23-11.  San Miguel Stingrays played a home game against La Siesta Sputniks where they lost 4-8 with the shots being 70-90.  Highest winning trip was Adam Ingram, Gunnie Sigurdar and Alan Harris.

Friday 25th November saw the Apaches away to Greenlands Cedars where they won 8-4,  91 shots to 88.  Highest winning trip was Allan Patterson, Steve Parr and Gail Willshire who won 26-10.

The Navajos away to La Marina Seagulls where they lost 7-5.  79-95.  The highest winning trip was Meg Brownlee, Jack Jackson and Eddie Cowan

The Comanches at home to Greenlands Elms where they had a great result winning 9-3.  The highest winning trip was Matta Jonsdottir, Gestur Saemundson and Lynn  Greenland who won 24-6.  They won shots 94-62.

There are no results for Friday 2nd December as both the Apaches and Navajos games were rained off and the Comanches had a bye.

A reminder that the WASPS sessions take place on a Wednesday 1.30 for 2pm – 5 euros for an afternoons bowling with shoes and bowls available to borrow.  Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are asked to attend an initial coaching session on a Tuesday afternoon starting at 1.45pm by appointment ONLY.  To book please call Dave or Lynn Greenland on 667 207 508.  Due to the Christmas and New Year break Coaching will not be available until Tuesday 17th 2023 January and WASPS not until 18th January 2023,

We welcome all bowlers who would like to join San Miguel Bowls Club as we are a unique club only paying owner fees and a club fee.  NO LEAGUE RINK FEES.

For further information please contact secretary Barry Jones on 602 504 905 or president Alan Campbell on 606 676 118.