This weeks report is a bit light what do you want first the good news or the bad news.

The good news is the Valencian Championships start on 16th and will be held at only two venues, ourselves and Greenlands.  These are held over 10 days and there will be some great bowling to watch and all for free.

Our committee should be congratulated on securing this prime event, and for Don Fowkes in particular for taking on the task of co-ordinator.  Other members of course will be called upon for various tasks, including marking singles games.  Please don’t miss the opportunity of sharing this event even if it is only as a spectator and good luck to all those involved especially those from La Marina BC.

The bad news is our playing green will be closed to visitors and members during this period.  Following this bad news is the fact that the club will not be completing in the Winter League this season which has been reduced to 6 pairs (12 bowlers per club).

The good news is Don has devised an internal 1,2,3 league for Wednesdays and this has been well received by the membership.

The final good news is that trips can now be played within the new protocol but is restricted to a maximum of 30 players on the green at any one time  ie:5 trips only.

Dave Hadaway