Greenlands Bowls Club with Chris Dewar
Greenlands Bowls Club with Chris Dewar

In the Harrier Division, the Glosters were at home to El Rancho Buskins. Final score were, shots 124 – 63. Points, 11 – 1. Best winning rink was R Hart, J Hamill, skip S Hamill. 32 – 7.

In the Hurricane Division, the Gladiators were away to Horadada Hawks. Final score was, shots – 108 – 95. Points, 7 – 5. Best winning rink, A Butterworth, M Lockley, skip D Webb. 28 – 13.

In the VCL the Jasmines were away to Monte Mar Lords. Final scores were, shots 95 – 61, points 8 – 4. A Eagle won the Ladies singles 21 – 6. D Sale was the winner of the Mens singles, 21 – 4 the trips won 23 – 17.

In the VCL C DIV the Cacti were home to La Siesta. Final score, shots 88 – 77. Points 8 – 4. Best winning rink was B White, J Giddings, J Hamill, skip S Hamill. 23 -12.

In Fridays VCL, The Jasmines were at home to Quesada Tigers. Final scores, shots 88 – 89. Points 6 – 6. Best winning rink goes to the pairs duo of Sally Cordell and Dave Webb, 23 – 11.

All the participating players from Greenlands were present at the opening ceremony at Emerald Isle Bowls club, also present were the owners of Greenlands bowls and golf complex, after which the hosts provided a buffet which was well received. Good luck to everyone and enjoy the experience.