This has been a very tiring week for our teams, trying to catch up with previously washed out matches. We managed the re-arranged matches but had to move the planned VCL matches!! This spring weather has been so strange & probably more surprises to come.

LLB South Alicante Spitfire Div. A Monday 18th April Wellingtons away v San Miguel Christians had a draw; 6pts-6, 71shots-81. Well done: Tricia Reilly, Phil Lockley, Pat Reilly 19-13, Kevin McKenna, June & Keith Jones 16-13, Janet & Bill Webb, Dave Webb 18-12.

Hurricane Div B Hercules, home v Emerald Isle Victors, had some close finishes but just finished 2pts-10, 75shots-105. Winners: Tony Campbell, Jane & Stewart Hamill 21-19.

Thursday 21st April (re-arranged from 4th April) Wellingtons home v EI Vulcans had a hard fought match, finishing 5pts-7, 82shots-103. Winners: Mary Lockley, Vic Mahomet, Scott Malden 25-16, Janet Webb, Bill Webb, Dave Webb 19-19, Margaret Morrison, Phil Lockley, Neil Morrison 13-12.

VCL Southern Div A home match Tuesday 19th April (re-arranged from 23rd March) Falcons v VB Saxons, had a great result 10pts-2, shots 116-62. Winners: Bill Webb 21-19, June & Keith Jones 22-10, Margaret Morrison, Dave Webb, Neil Morrison 28-5, Tricia Reilly, Phil Lockley, Pat Reilly, Scott Malden 30-7.

VCL Southern Div B Hawks away v Q Tigers (also a re-arranged match) had a good result: 6pts-6, 70shots-73. Winners: Jane Hamill 21-4, Pauline Johnson, Stuart Wilson, Steve Penfold 18-14, Les Shannon, John Dowell, Carolyn Blay, Terry Baylis 18-11.

Thursday 21st April (re-arranged from 6th April) Hawks away v GL Jasmin had a really tough day at the office, 2pts-10, 59shots-108. Winners: Pauline Johnson, Stuart Wilson, Lyndon Johnson 21-14.

Both Falcons & Hawks VCLeague matches scheduled for Wednesday 20th April were cancelled because of bad weather, to be replayed on Friday 29th April.

For a FUN end to the week, those people who still had some energy (or hadn’t already played 3 matches) joined in the celebrations for St. George’s Day, organised by Dee. It was a challenge for us all, as every shot counted, initially within 1metre (measured by the stick) and halfway through the game that shrank to ½ metre – OOPS!! It didn’t matter who won, it was just an excuse to get together in mixed up teams, followed by lots of chat with new members, while enjoying some tasty sandwiches.