The Emerald Isle Bowls club wish to send our Condolences to Seamus and the Moran Family following their recent loss of Paul, R.I.P Paul

Titans began the week at Quesada Diamonds where they got a great 10-2 Aggregate of 119-70 win: M Oakley G Wallis B Kavanagh 33-8, N Davis S Marks R Marks 27-15, P Heaney S Elvin D Mooney 25-13, D Jones M Ellis M Hartley 17-10

Moonrakers played at Greenland Beech, and they got a very good draw 6-6 with an Aggregate of 100-78; D Clark J Holmyard A Forrest 32-8, M Nash J Ball C Wren 30-7

Emperors played Greenlands on Wed in Winter League at home and in a very close game they went down 4-6   Aggregate of 64-67: S Verity N Davis I Grimshaw M Dyer 22-16, D Jones N Prior M Ellis C Lindgren 17-12

Cavaliers played at San Miguel Apaches, and they Had a good win 8-4, Aggregate of 83-81: P Heaney P Willicott M Hartley 21-11, M Oakley S Marks R Marks 21-13, N Davis M Ellis C Lindgren 16-14

Claymores were at home to Greenlands Cedars, and they were beaten 2-10 Aggregate of 75-90   V Cameron J Sayer B Fenty 22-9

Outlaws played away against San Miguel Cherokees and got a very good 6-6 Aggregate of 87-85   M Peaper K John E Sheard 33-10, J Renshaw I Wren S Renshaw 20-16

SAPS as usual on Saturdays at 13-30