Monday’s match for the Raiders at Emerald Isle was postponed due to unavailability of the venue, it will now be played next Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday the Rowdies were at Bonalba, playing a strong Bonalba team, but as usual they put their hearts into the match and enjoyed the occasion as always. They came away with one of the four rinks, not a bad result for an away game. Bill Johnston, Diane Yates, Derek Barker and Jim Eastwood 5-34. Sheila Cox, Rose Passmore, Pam Harris and Mike Cox 17-12. Chris Ziepe, Ann Taylor, John Ziepe and Bob Taylor 12-16. Ria Dukker, Lesley Day, Judy Foley and Henry Ryder10-28.

Friday morning found the Mustangs playing host to Quesada Swans, a lovely morning where the still conditions turned into a stiff breeze, making the bowls tricky. But we enjoyed the challenge that the changing wind brought us, made trickier by the fast mat. The Mustangs took four of the five rinks and the overall shots, but most rinks were close in play. Ann Abbott, Tony Abbott and Keith Longshaw 15-13. Chris Ziepe, Trevor Witcher and Marion Haynes 24-15. Sheila Cox, Mags Higgins and Mike Cox 15-24. Mick Higgins, Pam Harris and John Ziepe 22-16. Ann Taylor, Malc Sykes and Henry Ryder 26-15.