Monday morning found the Pintos playing host to the strong Titans from Emerald Isle and did well to take one rink and coming very close to a second, with the remaining two playing some good bowls. Ria Dukker, Ann Taylor and Henry Ryder 8-30. Chris Ziepe, Bob Day and John Ziepe 15-20. Lesley Day, Ngaio Baldwin and Pete Baldwin 12-30. John Richards (substituted by Sheila Cox), Diane Yates and Bob Taylor 17-11.

In the afternoon the Raiders entertained La Siesta Sputniks and played well, taking 2 rinks and having a third very closely run. Val Ryder, Peter Blackburn and Judy Foley 9-23. Sheila Millward, Brian Gilham and Jim Eastwood 18-17. Dave Baker, Debbie Ham and Adrian Ham 16-18. Dolly Fords, Dave Haynes and Marion Haynes 26-18.

On Friday the Broncos had a bye and the Mustangs match against Emerald Isle Cavaliers was postponed until the morning of 15th march. Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at