Pearls started the week top of the South Alicante league, and although they lost 0-10 at home to Vistabella, they remained top of league.  In the 2nd division, Diamonds came away from San Luis with maximum points.

Against Trekkers, this motley crew were on fire – A Bowen, P Farrell, G Skinner 18-15. S Hibberd, S Heath, T Voisey 22-13. D Benson, S Jakeman, A Benson 22-11. P Rees, B Armstrong, B Rees 18-13.  Rubies had 2 games within 24 hours, starting with a home match against El Rancho Broncos.

Winning on 3 rinks, these blue shirted warriors certainly performed well, securing an 8-2 score line – S Johnston, B & L Miller 22-13. J Cleal, A Johnston, A Reid 24-11. I Everett, V Slater, P Bradbury 20-14.

Following a good night’s sleep, our intrepid red stoned sports persons were at it again!  Alas, aching bones took their toll, as only this one rink won in a rearranged match at La Siesta – J Cleal, A Johnston, H Olsen 22-19.

On Friday, Swallows took on El Rancho Mustangs (who failed to field anyone named Sally!) at QBC.  Although 3 of our trips teams won, the 4th lost by only 2 shots, an 8-2 score line was encouraging. Here’s the winners – C Brazier, M France, Jason P 35-7.  B Trinder, S Hibberd, S Heath 30-9. G Phillips, M & C Highland 27-13.

Swans travelled to La Siesta, and against the Golds, these little beauties scored maximum points – G Kershaw, A Linley, B Armstrong 20-11. A Bowen, B Elliott, K Bowles 24-12.  D Benson, P Farrell, A Benson 24-10. S & D Barnes, T Voisey 24-10.  Not to be outdone, Swifts also recorded an impressive victory.

Away at El Rancho, these boys and girls were responsible for another 8 points – B Turner, S Jakeman, A Reid 16-12. S Johnston, B & L Miller 27-12. T & J Brinton, P Bradbury 23-12.