Winners FAD

You know Spring has sprung when  the Javea Easter Trips takes place. The format of two 10 end games a day for two days and one game on day three ( unless of course you reached the quarter, semi or finals) attracted 36 teams from all the neighbouring clubs.

So many bowlers wanted to participate that an unprecedented 9 rinks were brought into play. With names as bizarre as Mutton Jeff, Nearly Brummies, Ebowla Bad Webowla Great and The Toss Pots, it was always going to be a fun competition. Every day the bowlers turned up to find a chocolate Easter bunny with their score card, a nice touch arranged by Competition organisers Keith and Dee Hamilton which was much appreciated by the competitors.

The semi finals were well represented by BBC, El Cid and Javea teams. The Finalists were FAD from El Cid and DJ´s from BBC. As finals go this was superb, with only 8 ends to play it was a hard fought low scoring game with both teams tied 5-5 at the end, so an extra end was called for.

This could not have been more exciting if it had been choreographed as FAD were holding shot but a last wood from the DJ´s skip Jacquie ´used´ a side wood to gain the shot. With his last wood of the match and one down in the head FAD´s skip Alan changed his favoured hand, aimed at and managed to move the shot wood to win the game.

The crowd were quiet for a second as they could not believe what they had witnessed, then erupted into cheers and applause.

Winners FAD, Debbie & Floyd Williams and Alan Ferrand lifted the cup, €300, bottles of cava and Easter Bunnies.

Runners up The DJ´s Jacquie Roberts, Judy Hughes and super sub Sam Hughes were presented with €150, bottles of cava and Easter Bunnies.

Prizes were courtesy of sponsors Clive Webster of Webstor Asessores who was present and Oscar Anton of Anton Abogados who due to commitments was unable to attend.

An excellent competition which ran like clockwork due to the hard work and efficiency of Dee and Keith Hamilton provided a great start to the Easter Holidays.