Vistabella Bowls Report  With Lynne Bishop.

SAL ENTERPRISE Albatrosses away on Monday to San Miguel Pulsars, terrific wins across the board from L Watkins, S Burrows & P Whitehall 32-11. L Bishop, B Norris & K Cuthbert 23-8. G Fisher, S Allman & G Fisher 26-12. S Kemp, C Watkins & M Furness 25-14. N Burrows, A Brown & B Zelin 19-9. S Whitehall, S Norris & E Bishop 20-11. An amazing Shot difference of VB 145(14) – 65(0) SM.

The Drivers were up the road to play the Monte Mar Matadors, they won on three rinks and had a drawn game, they also received points & shots for the Matadors failing to field a full side. B Ewart, B Ray & G Thorpe 20-14. P Rafferty, D Gunning & L Barber 18-14. F Barclay, B Corbishly & J Neve 22-20. H Marshall, Mo & Martin Foulcer 16-16. K Hardy, P Rafferty & C Thorpe 10-0. Shots, VB 98(11) – 87(3) MM.

VOYAGER LEAGUE Eagles at home v Quesada Rubies had four very good wins and also won the long game. R Savage, K Savage & A Kendall 22-8. P Tomkins R Hudson & Penny Tomkins 18-11. N. H-Williams, D Graham & D Harwood 22-18. S Kirk, R Smith & J Harwood 15-10.  Shots, VB 106(10) – 89(4) Q.

WINTER LEAGUE and back down to earth with a bump, at home against the Emerald Isle we only won on one rink. S Kemp, T French, B Zelin & G Thorpe 21-11. The rest of the games were very close …no more partying the night before! Shots, VB 80(2) – 92(10) EI.  Well done to the Berleen team, K Hardy, S Kirk, P Tomkins & B Ewart 22-13.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE A div. The Lanzadores slayed the San Luis Lions to a great defeat, playing at home we had wins on four rinks from S Kemp. B Norris & B Zelin 24-11. L Bishop, C Watkins & P Whitehall 26-15. N Burrows, S Allman & K Cuthbert 21-17 and the come back kids G Fisher, S Burrows & G Fisher…1-16 down after eleven ends went on to win 18-16..nice one! Shots, VB 114(10) – 103(4) SL.

The Picadors had a disaster at Quesada, the less said the better! Shots, VB 61(0) – 155(14) Q.

C div Conquistadores away to the El Rancho Broncos…everyone’s favourite green! they did well to come away with two wins. Well done to M Irwin, S Kirk & T French 34-7…amazing and P Tomkins, R Hudson & Penny Tomkins 19-15. Shots, VB 103(4) – 109(10) ER.