Vistabella Bowls Report. Brian Zelin
Vistabella Bowls Report

Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop

The ENTERPRISE LEAGUE Albatrosses failed to get to grips with the fast San Luis green losing on all but one rink, our only winning team walked on water, Sue Kemp, Charlie Watkins & Maggie Furness won 34-3 well done! Shots, VB 93(2) – 121(12) SL.

The Drivers were at home against La Marina who must be sick of making the journey down to ‘windy city’ quote Barry Latham!

A good result with four wins, Pauline Rafferty, Del Gunning & Les Barber 28-11. Geoff Taylor, Brian Ray & Gary Thorpe 24-7. Andy Leggatt, Mo & Martin Foulcer 18-8. Kevin Hardy, Pat Ray & Carol Thorpe 23-14. Shots, VB 124(19) – 75(4) LM.

VOYAGER LEAGUE Eagles also had the pleasure of playing at San Luis, they did manage to take two wins from the Vulcans from the teams of Rosemarie and Ken Savage & Avril Kendall 26-11 and Stephen Guy, Mike Irwin & Tony French 17-15. Shots, 99(4) – 115(10) SL.

WINTER LEAGUE and again at San Luis! On this occasion the team had two decent wins and just missed out on the long game, winning teams were L Watkins, S Burrows, P Whitehall, E Bishop 28-10 and L Bishop, C Watkins, B Norris & M Furness 20-11. Shots, VB 86(4) – 89(8) SL. San Luis won the Berleen.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE Div A. The Lanzadores at home v Mazarron Miners. The home team had five winning rinks although very close to the wire to say the least. Lynne Bishop, Charlie Watkins & Peter Whitehall 20-15. Olwyn Ratcliffe, A Brown & Maggie Furness 16-14. Sue Kemp, Barry Norris & Brian Zellin 16-15. Neil Burrows, Stuart Allman & Eric Bishop 16-15. Sheila Whitehall, StJohn Broadhurst & Brian Dunn 15-14. Shots, VB 86(10) – 108(4) M.

Div A Picadors away to Monte Mar Matadors. Just two winning rinks coming from Pauline Rafferty, Pat Ray & Jeff Neve 20-17 and Kevin Hardy, Les Barber & Carol Thorpe 16-12. Shots, VB 75(4) – 122(10) MM.

Div C Conquistador v La Siesta Gold. Three wins apiece with the shots going to the Golds. Winning teams were Diane Harwood, Ron Smith & Jim Harwood 24-7. Stephen Guy, Sharron Kirk & Tony French 22-12. Mike Irwin, Pete & Penny Tomkins 16-11. Shots, VB 96(6) – 104(8) LS.